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Insurance: Personal

Not all insurers are the same, and the tools that they have aren’t built equally – but it’s really hard to tell that from the outside. At Trebla, we use our deep knowledge of the different insurers to help you understand all your options – then work alongside you to ensure you choose the best option possible for your lifestyle, budget, and goals. That’s because we’ve been there. We know the impact that not having the right insurance can have, and we want to ensure that every family gets the cover they need to make sure they’re protected should something go wrong.


If the worst happens to you, you want to ensure that your loved ones are looked after. Life cover is a lump-sum payment paid immediately on death or when diagnosed with a terminal illness – helping your family cover costs and giving them the freedom to grieve in the way they need to.



No-one wants to lose their home because they can’t pay their mortgage – so mortgage cover is all about ensuring you can keep making payments should something happen. Replacing 100% of your repayments when on claim, and paid at the same frequency as your loan, mortgage cover is designed to give you peace of mind.



Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income – so what happens when you can’t do that anymore? Income protection replaces a portion of your income should you need it – paid on a monthly basis and reducing the stress of everyday costs.



Designed to alleviate the financial impact of a trauma or critical illness, trauma cover is a lump sum payment. Whether you use it to reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, or enable business ownership to be restructured, it’s yours to decide – we’re just here to help you make the right decision.




If you suffer a permanent disability from an illness or injury, you may not be able to work again (or at least may not be able to work in the same way again). If that happens, having your debts taken care of and your financial worries removed through a one-off payment will take a huge amount of pressure off. 




Although we’re lucky to live in a country with public healthcare, we’ve all experienced the nightmare of long waiting lists and too many people get a nasty surprise when they realise which treatments aren’t covered by New Zealand’s Pharmac register. Medical cover gives you access to the best medical care possible, as well as non-government funded pharmaceuticals – ensuring you catch medical issues early and treat them effectively.


We can also provide advice and solutions for:

Home & Vehicle

Protect your assets and ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong at home or on the road through home & vehicle cover.

Business Insurance

You’ve worked so hard building up a business – so make sure it’s covered if anything goes wrong with your work, you, your key people, or your data.

Fire & General Business

Protect your business assets and ensure you won’t be left in the lurch if something happens. Our advisors are ready to arm you with great options.

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