Mortgages that are more than transactions

Lending: Personal

Not all banks are the same – but it can sometimes feel that way when you’re trying to get a mortgage off them! Instead of running around to six different banks, filling out the same form six times, we’ll simplify the process for you – getting to know you and your needs, and helping you understand all your options so you can make an informed decision. Gain control of your financial journey and get to your end goal quicker with the right partner by your side.

Buying a home?


Buying your first home can be pretty overwhelming. From the copious amounts of paperwork, to a deposit made up of multiple sources, to the challenges understanding your deposit options and mortgage structure, it can be a lot. At Trebla, our goal is to educate you every step of the way – so you can make the best decisions for you and your future. Click button below for Deposit Options and Kiwisaver Homestart Grant information.


Buying a new home – even if you’ve done it before – can bring its challenges. At Trebla, we aim to make the process seamless from start to finish – bringing you rates and packages from every bank on the market and helping you make the right decision for the lifestyle you’re after.



Are all your eggs in one basket? Will your next purchase help you increase your odds of making another? Are your mortgages structured to help you achieve your goals? We’ll help you answer those questions and more, with advice that’s based on your situation and your goals.



Financial hiccups happen to so many of us. Whether it’s a business failing, unexpected unemployment, a bad purchase, or a separation, there are plenty of things that can lead to a bad credit rating and get in the way of getting a mortgage. We’ll work with you to find non-traditional options that can still help you get in a home – while also helping you gain a greater financial understanding to ensure you’re not affected by those financial hiccups again.


Already have a home?


You may have had your mortgage for some years – but is it the best mortgage for you? Whether you’re looking to restructure or refinance, increase or lower your payments, or create a trust or limited company, we’re here to help – negotiating better deals and reviewing your options. Let’s work together to save you thousands.



Whether you’re looking to build new, renovate, or just need a top up to complete a few projects, we’ll not only liaise with your bank – we’ll also negotiate the best deal possible for you. With straightforward advice and education, you’ll be able to make better decisions and get the best outcome for you.


We can also provide lending advice and solutions for:

Business Lending

Whether you’re expanding your business, buying a commercial property, or purchasing an asset, do it with a complete understanding of your options.

Gain control of your financial journey – reach out today.