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Our Team

Trebla was built on a belief that financial advice shouldn’t be a transaction – it should be an education, and a partnership.

Too many of us go through life with no real understanding of how our finances work, or how to make holistic decisions that support us financially. But everyone deserves to understand their money.

That’s why we embed education into every interaction we have with clients. From personal and business lending to insurance and investments, we’re not interested in telling you exactly the way to go. We’d rather help you understand all the options so you can make a decision that suits you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

By understanding your finances, and having a holistic view over all of them, you gain back control – so you can make better decisions that help you get to your end goal quicker. With Trebla as your partner on that journey, you’ll have the confidence you need to do just that.

Not every adviser is the same. If you’re just after a quick transaction that gives you the cheapest deal with no thought of what you actually need, we’re not the team for you.

If, however, you’re looking for a partner who will go deep – who will really work with you to understand your options and make better decisions – we’d love to talk.

Partner | Financial Adviser

Starting my career at the grassroots of banking with Countrywide in 1996 before moving onto National Bank, I learned all about the industry from inside it. Following some time at Citibank London during my OE, I returned to National Bank lending services and progressed from their business credit team to a Senior Business Banking Manager position.

This inside view of the industry gave me a wealth of knowledge across the financial industry and sparked my passion for helping families understand and grow their finances.

Today, I’m not driven by the lending products I offer – I’m driven by a desire to help my clients make well-informed decisions that suit them and their goals.

From simplifying information and educating clients in financial literacy to providing friends and family with tips and tricks, I love helping people save time and money so they can focus on the more important things in life.

When I’m not out educating the community, you will find me at home with my family, traveling the world learning about different cultures or in the gym doing my burpees. At Trebla we live and breathe what we do – and believe that everyone deserves to understand their money.

Partner | Financial Adviser

As a financial adviser, I’m really passionate about helping families and businesses avoid being caught in nasty situations. My road to financial services was a bit unusual – after many years in the health sector I went through a tough time in my personal life when our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A really horrible situation was made all the worse when we realised that our family wasn’t covered for what we should have been.

After struggling through, I realised I wanted to make a difference to families like us and became a financial advisor, specialising in personal and business risk protection. As an advisor, I put serious effort into understanding insurance underwriting and the differences between insurance policies – after all, not all insurers are the same, and the devil’s in the detail! I want the cover that I organise for clients to be personalised, right for them, and the best on offer. More importantly, their cover has to be considered alongside their income and debt – so that all their finances work in harmony.

My varied background has given me unique insights into the financial services industry. A strong medical background means my level of understanding come underwriting and claims time is invaluable, enabling me to better advocate for my clients.

A Masters in Business Administration (distinction), BHSc in Podiatry, previous roles on multiple not for profit boards, and over 25 years in business have put me in a privileged position of being able to give back. Providing advice that isn’t driven by financial gain but by genuinely caring about others.

I want people to be able to access great, unbiased financial advice for them, their families, or their business from someone who cares and has experienced the ups and downs life throws at us. That’s ultimately what gets me out of bed each morning.

Business Development

I began my journey in the financial services sector over 30+ years ago, working for a number of Chartered Accountancy firms both in Samoa (my home country) and New Zealand. After working across the private sector, banking industry, Central Bank, and an offshore financial institution, I set up my own accountancy firm in Auckland.

After falling in love with Mount Maunganui I made the decision to sell my business and move my family to Tauranga where I continue to operate in a Business Development role.

As a Samoan, my focus is on helping my people, the Pacific community, achieve financial success and I am known to my clients as the Pasifika Adviser for Pasifika People.

As a homeowner, business owner, accountant and financial adviser, I want to show my people, community, and clients how they can be financially sorted.  My philosophy is to keep things simple, and I pride myself on being able to provide advice to my clients in terms they can easily understand, without all the overwhelming financial jargon!

Outside of work you will find me spending time with my wonderful family and focusing on my health and wellbeing. If you’re an early riser you may see me start my day with a walk to the top of beautiful Mount Maunganui to see the sunrise!

Financial Adviser

As a mum of three, I understand how important it is to have a back-up plan in case of any unexpected events along the way. That’s why I’m passionate about working alongside my clients to put together a tailored solution plan to minimise the financial impact on them or their loved ones when the unexpected occurs. Having a protection plan for your family has never been more important than in today’s uncertain world.

I have been in the financial services industry since 2005, initially working alongside my husband in a family accounting practice in Auckland. In 2011, we expanded our services to include insurances and KiwiSaver and ever since I’ve been specialising in personal insurances and KiwiSaver.

I pride myself on being able to connect with my clients, explain the jargon that can sometimes be overwhelming and ultimately be there at the most important time – claim time!

Hailing from the Pacific, insurance protection is not a concept that is widely accepted or understood in our community. That’s why I’m determined to educate, increase awareness, and work with our communities so they have a better understanding of their finances and are prepared for any unexpected events.

In my spare time, I love hanging out with my family, doing a bit of gardening or catching up with families and friends.

Gain control of your financial journey – reach out today.